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CitySpokes is where all the different segments of a city can join together, like the spokes of a wheel, to support and strengthen each other.

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  • Better organize your life with PlannerSpokes
  • Stay up-to-date with news, events, specials and help wanted ads in your community
  • Submit requests for products and services and let local companies compete for your business
  • Post and search yard sales and classified ads


  • Post unlimited News Items, Specials, Events & Help Wanted Ads
  • Promote your business for free, and maintain top-of-mind awareness in your local residents
  • Receive and respond to free products and service leads from local residents


  • Use built-in apps like MathForPrizes for self-motivated learning
  • Create your own educational Prize apps by adding information to our templates

Local Government:

  • Better engage with local residents and businesses
  • Provide relocation information to people moving into your community
  • Promote local tourism using our Plan Your Visit pages

How It Works

Click our LinkSpokes tool below to learn how to use CitySpokes, how it can help you better organize your life, your business, and a lot more. LinkSpokes will take you on a journey of short videos to help you learn all about:

  1. All nine user types, and the tools available to them
  2. Navigating CitySpokes
  3. Resident and Business Dashboards
  4. Adding spoke connections for your business and community positions